• Achieving your goals becomes that much easier when using a South Pacific Personal Trainer
  • Avoid 'down' days by having the extra accountability only a personal trainer provides
  • All of our trainers have obtained recognised certification from professional bodies

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Personal Training Port Melbourne

South Pacific Health Clubs Personal Trainers offer a first class professional service.

Our Trainers have obtained recognised certification from professional bodies regarding exercise prescription, functional anatomy, fitness testing and training principles and are all registered with Fitness Australia.

Whether you are training for a sport, a challenging outdoor activity or aiming to reach a special goal, the time spent with your personal trainer will provide you with a game plan for success.

Save time by having a thorough workout pre planned by your trainer and on those "flat" tiresome days, your personal trainer will be there to push and motivate you.

How much Personal training do I need?

The frequency of PT depends on you and your goals. Whatever your training needs, your Personal Trainer can provide the guidance, motivation and knowledge to help you achieve your results.

Pricing Scale

This can be debited from your credit card or bank account on a fortnightly basis.

Results start when you do!

Michael Macdonald

SPECIALITIES : Weight Loss and Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning

-Certificate III & IV In Fitness
-Strength and Conditioning (ASCA)
-Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)

Personal Philosophy:
Michael is passionate about inspiring others to achieve high levels of fitness and believes that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. He’ll put you on the right path towards achieving your desired goal and give you the necessary motivation, guidance and advice.
Most importantly Michael will get you enjoying your training have you looking forward to your next session. He’ll help you master the most effective exercises for your goal and teach exactly how to fuel your body for optimal performance and body composition. Along with making positive lifestyle changes so you can maintain a healthy, strong and pain free body for life.
“The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself”

Dereck Swinburne

Personal Training Manager

SPECIALITIES : Core Balance And Strength, Posture Alignment and Flexibility, Functional Movement Pattern Training, Improve Range Of Motion, Improve Fitness and Wellbeing

-Involved In Industry Since 2000
-Cert III & IV In Fitness
-First Aid
-Registered Fitness Professional
-Level 1 Kettlebell & Suspension (TRX) Training
-Bodypump, Cycle/RPM, Boxing, Bodybalance & Pilates Instructor

Personal Philosophy:
I get satisfaction from creating great interpersonal connections within the gym, to build a culture of community and friendship. I am always looking to ongoing studies in order to further my knowledge base and facilitate better results for my clients.
I have a passion for cycling and running, and have a goal of completing an adventure race (Spartan, Anaconda). I also participate in ballroom and latin dancing.
Please enquire to receive a complimentary health consult!
"Less talk – more training!"

Matt Adams

SPECIALITIES : Body Fat Reduction, Hormonal Balancing, Weight Loss, Increased Muscle Mass, Health And Wellbeing

-Certificate 3&4 In Fitness
- AIF Master Coach
- Bio Signature Practitioner

I am a passionate and knowledgeable Personal Trainer that is dedicated to getting you results. This means going back to basics and that starts with a Bio Signature Assessment. From there I can determine your needs and ensure I create the best programs for you.
From lean muscle gain, sustainable weight loss and better movement, I continue to evolve my methods of training to suit my clients. As an athlete in Cricket, Football & Basketball, I know exactly what it takes to improve performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition.
I’ll be there every step of the way during this amazing life changing journey.

Sarah O'Donnell

SPECIALITIES : Weight Loss and Motivation, Functional Training, Strength Training

- Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Brunel Uni - London)
- Cert III & IV in Fitness
- First Aid

I believe regular exercise is a catalyst for eating better, positive thinking and most importantly feeling good. I'm passionate about creating personalised programs people will not only enjoy but will help set foundations for lifelong health and fitness. I'm here to help you adopt good habits with a more holistic approach and ensuring clients are taking time out of their schedules to look after themselves. I am a strong advocate of healthy living and with most things in life, I believe moderation is key. "Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently."

Jacquie Niklaus

SPECIALITIES : Strength and conditioning, Women's strength, conditioning & body building, Strength for sport, Figure sculpting

- Diploma of Fitness Coaching
- Accredited athletics coach

I have always been passionate about exercise, health and fitness. I have been a long distance runner since my school years. I have competed in several marathons and many fun runs. I also compete in triathlon. I have transitioned to strength training which I am passionate about, especially for women.

George Shielis

SPECIALITIES : Fat loss and body tone, Strength and conditioning, Muscle mass, HIIT sessions

- Double Diploma in sport and physical education

My purpose in life is to help people achieve their goals and dreams whatever they might be in fitness. After 15 years playing professional soccer in Greece & UK, I am a strong believer that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, if only you apply your 100% and stay consistent. Lets set your targets today and lets crush them, one goal at a time. "

Amanda Lenny

SPECIALITIES : -Fat Loss & Body Transformation, Boxing, Strength/Functional/Core Training, Pre & Post Natal Training (Including Pilates), Catering For Beginners And Older Adults

Amanda has been involved in sports and athletics her whole life. Since 2008, she has worked with over 2,000 clients through her group fitness and one-on-one sessions to achieve their health and fitness goals. When you meet Amanda, her friendly enthusiasm and passion for fitness is infectious. Her goal is to ensure your sessions are CHALLENGING, FOCUSED and FUN!
Her passion is helping others achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.
She is with you every step during the physical and mental journey.

"You don't have to be great to start... but you have to start to be great!"

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