Class Descriptions - Bourke Street City


Combining Pilates principles and ballet techniques, this low-impact workout targets major muscle groups to elongate, strengthen and tone your muscles, resulting in a sculpted physique and improved posture.  No dance background needed.


A sports inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises.


Breathing control and a range of movements and motion set to music that will improve your mind, body and life. Bending and stretching through safe and simple yoga moves, a BODYBALANCE class blends elements of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to strengthen your entire body.


A weights class for absolutely everyone. This form of weight training will make you toned, lean and fit. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition (reps), BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout that burns lots of calories. It’ll also tone and shape your body, without adding bulky muscles.


Offers a whole body cardiovascular workout; burning calories, stamina and toning muscle. Using focus mitts and boxing gloves, you will be challenged physically while learning correct technique and accuracy.

Core + Stretch

A 30 or 45 Minute workout designed to target more than just your abs. This session utilises muscles from the back, glutes, abs and obliques to improve core strength, definition and posture. 45 minute format includes a 15 minute stretch component to release fascia.


A challenging and motivating cycle class that allows you to see your performance before your eyes. The Coach By Colour training system connects you to your workout by displaying the work you are generating using colours, maximising your training experience and reach your goals faster. A FTW (Functional Threshold Watt-rate) test is recommended for a more accurate and personalised Coach By Colour training experience. FTW tests are held every Monday at 11:40am.


A cross-training workout where aerobic, weight-lifting, and resistance exercises are performed at work stations, creating a fun and challenging workout.

GRIT Cardio

A 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that features explosive movements using body weight designed to burn fat and rapidly improve athletic capability.


Combining principles of plyometrics (jump training) and power agility training, this unique style of HIIT training will build a powerful, agile and athletic body.

GRIT Strength

A 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that takes you into overdrive. The short, sharp demanding exercises combine weightlifting and bodyweight exercises for a full body workout that increases aerobic capacity, strength, muscular endurance, metabolism and power.


Long lean muscles and a strong core are the main benefits from this class. Challenging and strengthening the upper body and the midsection, with little impact to the joints. Suitable for first timers and advanced participants.


Escape the stress and busyness of everyday life. Using simple and practical techniques to train the mind and consciousness to reduce stress, improve focus, think clearly and sleep better.

MyRide+ Virtual

A highly immersive cycling experience. Join your virtual instructor as you cycle some of the very best mountain ranges and city streets.


Pilates Reformer is a low-impact workout that builds strength and endurance. It can improve your balance and posture, making everyday activities easier and more difficult ones (like running and cycling) less challenging. Using the movement of the reformer, with various adjustments (springs) and body weight exercises, you will find new ways to strengthen and tone your physique, making it a total body workout. Please check our Timetable for the 3 levels we offer (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).


RPM is an indoor cycling class, set to the rhythm of motivating music. It burns a lot of calories and gets you fit. Based on the sport of cycle racing, RPM uses a series of simulated climbs and sprints to create a workout where you control the intensity– it’s literally easier than riding a bike for 45 minutes.

Sandbells Circuit & HIIT

You will have fun in these 30 to 45 minute classes by throwing, catching, lifting, slamming and dragging sandbells to increase your heart rate, build strength and burn major calories.


An outdoor cycle simulation brought indoors away from the elements. A challenging and motivating cardio class that allows you to be in control of your workout by varying the resistance and pushing your fitness to new heights!


A 30 minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout using an indoor bike to achieve rapid results with minimum joint impact. The short duration of a LES MILLS SPRINT workout will motivate you to push your physical and mental limits. It features bursts of intensity where you work as hard as possible, followed by periods of rest that prepare you for the next effort. The payoff is you will smash your fitness goals and burn calories for hours after each workout.


Tabata training is a type of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that follows the format: 20 seconds of high intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds rest. This 30 minute class will have you gasping for air, getting you fitter faster.


This dynamic Vinyasa-style class synchronises movement and breath in a continuous flow of poses. A challenging way to improve your yoga practice helping to achieve balance and strength.

YOGA Hatha

A gentle yoga with more focus on meditation, breathing and holding poses for longer periods of time–a great introduction to yoga.

YOGA Power Flow

A dynamic open class that links breath with postures and movement such as balancing, inversions, backbends and a floor series. This class increases strength, flexibility and focus whilst clearing the body of toxins, leaving you feeling calm and centered.

YOGA Slow Flow

Suitable for all levels, this is a gentle, slow-paced type of practice where postures are generally held for longer yet maintaining continuous flow of poses with slower transitions.


The essence of Yin Yoga is to surrender, bringing balance to your practice and your life. A strong focus on using the breath and grounding postures to lengthen fascia tissues surrounding the hips, spine, chest, and shoulders. It re-energises and calms your nervous system. The perfect way to release the tension and stress from the day.
Yoga Temperatures: Hot: 37 degrees, Warm: 25–27 degrees

New participants, injuries, pregnancy?   If you are pregnant, a new participant, have serious injuries or any other concerns, please arrive 5 mins early to advise your instructor before the class commences. This allows the instructor to make suggestions and recommend variations to suit your specific needs.